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with us. you saw this, too. here's the straightforward answer from karl rove when george asked him this morning. >> karl rove, can you imagine the next republican candidate saying flatout, i'm for gay marriage? >> i could. >> he quickly moved on to another issue right after that. but, rick, rove's team knew this was making headlines. and they reached out to you before we came on the air tonight? >> that's correct. an important distinction that karl rove wants me to make. he sent me an e-mail, while he could see a republican candidate supporting gay marriage, that's not necessarily saying the nominee will do so. but here's the thing. the politics around gay marriage are changing and changing fast. it's been less than a year since president obama himself dropped his opposition to gay marriage in that interview with our colleague, robin roberts. and now, even some prominent republicans are settling on the same position. >> and, rick, you study these political poll lines. what is the trending telling us right now? >> it is moving so fast. in 2004, during george w. bush's re-election, w
, thank you. >>> tomorrow morning, on abc's "this week" george's guests include gop karl rove squaring off against former obama adviser jim messina on guns, gay marriage, and developments in the budget you just heard. >>> just hours from now, the giant power ball drawing. perhaps later this evening, an american family with no budget problems at all. tonight, hear a man who's already won the lottery seven times, as we ask him is the quick pick really the worst option? here's abc's rob nelson. >> reporter: most of us have battled our inner procrastinator at one time or another. tonight, time is running out. and $320 million is on the line. >> i need a lot of reminders. then i feel like the pressure of the deadline. i need to get the ticket. >> reporter: lottery officials say 60% of the power ball tickets are bought on the last day. >> $2 and a dream. >> reporter: but seven-time lottery winner, richard lustig, who wrote a book on how to win the lottery, says waiting until the last minute to buy your ticket won't give you an edge. >> thinking that waiting to the last minute to buy your ticket
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2